the curious incident of the dog in the night-time



Before Reading




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If you would rather do this activity on paper, rather than online, see Mr. Alford for the prompts.

Self Paced Units

If you are going to be absent a lot, talk to Mr. Alford about how to substitute these activities for the day to day class time.

All BoomWriter Activities will still be required.



Grandma Burton
Uncle Terry



Neighbors and Friends

Mrs. Shears
Mr. Shears
Mr. Thompson
Lady at #44
Mr. Wise
Druggies next door
Mrs. Alexander


Mr. Jeavons
Mrs. Peters
Rev. Peters
Mrs. Forbes
Mrs. Gascoyne


mark haddon

Mark Haddon's Web Site


Orion is easy to spot - if you are looking at the right time of year, that is. In January, February, and March, just look toward the southwest. The sky will be dominated by three stars in a slightly diagonal line. That is Orion's belt. Then you'll easily spot the two stars for the top of Orion and the two stars that are his feet.

Use Orion to find other constellations


There is a play based on the book. You can watch the trailer by clicking here.








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The Before You Read Presentation

This is the Jason McElwain video we watched in class.



Chapters 2-19


The below video is from the viewpoint of someone with Asperger's, which is also "one the spectrum", similar to Christopher in this book.


Chapters 23-47


Christopher talks about playing Minesweeper. Back in late '80s and early '90s, every computer came with two games - Solitaire and Minesweeper. These games were to teach people how to use a mouse. Christopher can complete the expert level in less than 100 seconds. Can you complete the beginner level that that time frame?

Mine Sweeper Class Record:
Sara H. 5 seconds c/o2018


Chapters 53-89



Possible quiz questions for chapter 67:

  1. Why does Christopher say he does not normally talk to strangers?
  2. What does he bring with him for protection?
  3. When asked if she might know anyone who would want to make Mrs. Shears sad, what is the lady's response?
  4. Why doesn't Christopher go to the house next door?
  5. What is the name of Christopher's pet?
  6. Who is the Prime Suspect?
  7. Pay attention to Mr. Thompson's shirt.




Christopher's father is figthing for him to be able to take the A levels maths test.

How well can you do on this sample test?

Sample A Level Maths Test


Chapters 97-113


Pay extra attention to Chapter 97 - it is very important to the mystery of this novel.

Monty Hall

Another Monty Hall



Chapters 127-157


If you want to earn bonus points on the test, complete this chart. It requires you to either read a short story, or watch a Sherlock Holmes movie.

You can gain up to 9 points extra on the test for doing this.

Sherlock Holmes Bonus Assignment



Another way to earn bonus points on the test is to take a picture of yourself with a fairy. None of this new fangled Photoshop stuff - no, you need to do this the old fashion way. Make me believe that you went out to fake it, but saw a real one and took the picture.


Possible Quiz questions:
Chapter 127:

  1. What does Christopher forget to do that ends up getting him in trouble?
  2. What specifically makes Father mad?
  3. What does Father do that surprises Christopher?
  4. What does Christopher do to Father?
  5. What most likely happens to the book?

Chapter 131:

  1. What two colors does Christopher hate?
  2. Why does he hate corn (besides color)?

Chapter 137:

  1. Does Christopher think Father loves him?
  2. What does Father do to "make up" for the other day?
  3. What do we learn happened when Christopher blanks out in 127?

Chapter 157:

  1. According to the second letter, whose fault is it that Christopher's mom leaves?
  2. What kind of mom does Mother say she is?
  3. Why does his mom want to leave her job at Chartered Surveyors?
  4. Why does Christopher stop reading the letters?
  5. What does Father do to Christopher after finding him in his room with the letters?



Chapters 163-179


Possible quiz questions:

Chapter 163:

  1. What is in the canister of Smarties?
  2. What is a homunculus?

Chapter 167:

  1. What promise does Father make Christopher?
  2. What does Father confess to Christopher?
  3. What does Christopher decide to do?

Possible extra credit question:

What Pixar movie uses homunculi?



Chapters 181-199


Play Conway's Soldiers Online



Chapters 211-233


You have finished the book! Did you like it? take the poll:

polls & surveys


Spineless Classics


This is a great place that helps autistic people here in North Carolina. The Spring 2007 classes donated: $301.00!


Test Review

There will be matching on these characters -

Christopher - Father - Mother - Mrs. Gascoyne - Siobhan - Wellington - Sandy - Rev. Peters - Mr. Shears - Mrs. Shears - Rhodri - The drug neighbors - Mrs. Alexander - Sandy - Toby - Tyrone

Know -

Stream of consciousness - red herring - unreliable narrator

Figure out the symbolism of the lightning hitting the tree