It's an ugly word. It's a scary topic. Many students just accept that they cannot do this. However, most of them have been using English grammar properly for all their lives. So why the heartache? Easy. We English teachers are evil manipulative twerps. We come up with difficult names for easy things. Why? That way we can get paid for teaching you a language you ALREADY know! All we have to do is make up words like GERUND, PREPOSITION, and CLAUSE. That's enough for most people to say, "I can't do that! It's too hard!" Then we swoop in, teach it, get paid, and laugh all the way to the bank!

So how are we going to tackle grammar? Mostly through proofreading. You will make the corrections needed on the Proofreader sheet and then, when we go over the correct answers, you will correct your corrections. I will pick up the completed sheet for an easy grade.

Any questions?

What if I'm absent on a day that we do a Proofreader? Write absent on that day's assignment and make the corrections as best you know how.

What if I lose my proofreader sheet? Don't. I will not make enough copies for extras.

But if I do? Print out a new one on your own time and make the corrections (and go back and make the corrections on the previous assignments). Students without their proofreader sheets will be given another grammar assignment to work on during that class time.


Proofreading Marks Sheet

Proofreader #1 - Bubble Gum Broccoli

Proofreader #2 - Stupid World Records

Proofreader #3 - Dumb Crooks

Proofreader #4 - Spider-Man and House Arrest


Grammar Ninja

Play Grammar Ninja and set a new class record to get an immunity idol! Breaking your own record does not count!

Beginner - Marshall W. 19 seconds
Skilled - Dalton S. 1 minute 2 seconds
Master - Marshall W. 2 minutes 7 seconds

Grammar Flip

For these online activities, go to and type in the following code depending on the class you are in:

  • First period: lordalford1
  • Second period: lordalford2
  • Third period: lordalford3






Deus ex Machina Opportunity

These assignments will be used to replace a missing proofreader sheet. In order to fulfill these, you must do the following Follow these instructions explicitly:

  1. Go to SAS Curriculum Pathways
  2. Username: temperature5bell
  3. No password
  4. You will see different punctuation assignments. Which assignments you need to do are below. The assignments will be averaged for one grade.
  5. Play the rule.
  6. Do the practice sentences.
  7. Take the quiz. You will move the punctuation mark to where it belongs.
  8. Hit the Submit button.
  9. Click the Save, Print, E-mail button.
  10. Hit the Create PDF button.
  11. Put in this email to send the quiz to me:
  12. Just for safe keeping, once you do that, send it to yourself. There is no other backup for this grade.

Each Deus ex Machina that you earn will be the average of the assignments within it.

Grammar Deus ex Machina #1

  • Commas 1a
  • Commas 1b
  • Commas 1c
  • Commas 1d

Grammar Deus ex Machina #2

  • Commas 1e
  • Commas 1f
  • Commas 1g
  • Semicolons 2a

Grammar Deus ex Machina #3

  • Semicolons 2b
  • Colons 3a
  • Colons 3b
  • Apostrophes 4a

Grammar Deus ex Machina #4

  • Apostrophes 4b
  • Exclamation Points 6a
  • Hyphens 9a
  • Parenthesis 7a
  • Parenthesis 7b

Grammar Deus ex Machina #5

  • Quotation Marks 5a
  • Quotation Marks 5b
  • Quotation Marks 5c
  • Dash 8a
  • Dash 8b

Bonus Points - Spidey-Grammar!

In the panel before this scene, the blond haired goon shouts, "It's him! It's Spider-Man!" Then we get these two panels:


How is Spider-Man right? Why should it be, "It's he!" rather than, "It's him!" Send me your explanation in an e-mail for team or pyramid points.



Punctuation Rules!, QL #1364

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