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Stories read in class:

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Extra Credit Opportunities

  • I need someone to scan the "Stargazing in Ancient Egypt" article
  • I need someone ot scan the Osiris story from our text book.

Test Review

First of all, review the powerpoint notes. There will be matching of the gods from these notes. These are the gods you will need to know by discription:

Osiris - green
Anubis - jackyl head
Ammut - crocodile head
Horus - falcon head
Set - donkey/pig mix
Hathor - cow head
Thoth - ibis head
Bast - cat head
Hapy - blue
Sekhmet - lion head

Know the gods that were pharaohs (this is their chronological order):

Be able to fill out The Journey of the Dead handout.

Review the stories that we have read. most are online above if you missed any. The only one not online above is the Osiris, which is in our text book and needs to be scanned.

Hieroglyphics are NOT on the test.


  • Pyramids and obelisks may have been modeled after zodiacal lights and sun pillars.
  • Sothis is better known to us as Sirius.
  • Egyptian graves face the rising sun.
  • The sun's rays transported kings to heaven.

For the extra credit on the test, you may want to figure out the connection to Egyptian mythology for one of these:



Egyptian Mythology Links

Play Senet

Senet is a backgoammon-esque style board game that the egytpians played. It is said that Khonshu and Thoth often played it and gambled while doing so.


The Doomed Prince Alternate Ending

*Teacher's Note* Since "The Doomed Prince" has lost the original ending, we wrote one ourselves. It had to fit the prophecy and be about 3/4 page handwritten. I then allowed the class to vote on the best ending to the story. What follows is (amazingly) the winning story of the class.

2008 Winner - Dillon Howard

The prince was shaken but not surprised upon hearing this news. Slowly, without a better plan in mind, he took a step backwards. At once, the crocodile moved closer, and screeched the mighty tune of the Islamic carpenters union. The prince’s eyebrows raised and he reached into his satchel to bring out his fuscha turban embellished with the Arial fonted words “ Islamic carpenters union.”

Without hesitation the crocodile, now featuring an extra leg for the fast approaching sacred “fathers day” Jell-O pudding eat off, untied his secret turban sack and placed the glittering turban on his head. “ I am Edward!” bellowed Edward the newly dubbed crocodile just before charging the young prince. Frightened, the young prince ran but was no match for Edward’s eco friendly mammoth propeller, and Edward ensnared the young prince. The young prince, in a surge of adrenaline, threw Edward on his back and straddled his hardened, iron like, tummy. Edward began to grapple with the prince’s dignity but was overpowered by the 95 pound prince. The prince fervently tried to break the crocodiles favorite tentacle.

“NOOOOO!!!” whispered Edward as his tentacle snapped. The prince, realizing his victory, stood to watch Edward flailing and flopping in his own blood and vile. The bone of the crocodile’s tentacle jutting out of the fatty flesh in such a way that when the blood and fluid hit it, it stained the prince’s favorite polo shirt. But the prince was unflinching, his eyes fixed on the seemingly pre digested mess of flesh and flowing blood. While in this gaze the prince watched as the victimized crocodile slowly struggled to his feet. “Wh-what branch do you go to?”, he muttered.

“The one down on Hawk road.” said the prince. “wait, on the south side?” asked Edward. “No, that one up in the mountains, kind of near the border.” “The one on the other side of town and down highway 60?” Edward questioned. “kind of, you have to get on the Cairo exit and head west until you get to highway 80. That takes you right to it.” “wait” said Edward. “That one near the Roses down Falcon road.. “yeah. That’s the one.” “oh.” said Edward, “$*#% YOU!” and disemboweled the prince on the spot.


These superheroes have Egyptian mythology backgrounds:

Pictured above are: Living Pharaoh (Akasha Martinez), Indestructible Man, Isis (Adrianna Tomaz), Osiris (Cadre of the Immortal), Birdman, Black Adam, Artemis of Bana-Mighdall, Cleopatra, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Khonshu, Moon Knight, Isis, Brother Power, Kemit Kutie, Kid Pharaoh, Wargod, Krakos the Egyptian, Earth Lord, Skyhawk, Wind Warrior

Want to know more about them? Go to (and scroll down) http://www.adherents.com/lit/comics/comic_collage.html



Egyptian Mythology Movies

Click the picture to watch the trailer: