Alright, might as well give you what you came for - you want the Iditarod stuff and here it is!

Now, back to the book stuff -


Lord Alford's MEGA EXTRA CREDIT Unit:

Step 1 - Get a copy of The Call of the Wild. It is a good book and extremely short. I have copies available for check out.

Step 2 - Read the book. Below is a break down of the first four chapters and a character handout to help you understand it. You can also go to: Spark Notes for extra help.

Step 3 - Choose any or all of the following to count for extra credit:

  • For a Double 100 Quiz Grade, write the following on a sheet of paper:

    (print your name) give my word of honor that I read all seven chapters of The Call of the Wild.
    Then sign this paper and then get a parent/guardian to sign it backing up that you are telling the truth.

  • For a Double Test Grade - Take a small multiple choice test on the book. When you are ready to take it, just let me know. I would practice by studying this practice test: Spark Notes Practice Quiz

  • For a Double Classwork Grade - Write up review questions for any of the chapters that I don't already have review questions for (Chapters 4, 5, 6, 7). You will need to say who the owner of Buck is during that chapter and then provide 7 questions with answers. You may do this for all four chapters and get a double classwork grade for each (that would count as eight grades - a big boost). The questions must be good to count.

  • For a single classwork grade - find four good Call of the Wild images that I might want to use on this site. You can look this site over and see what kind of pictures I might want to use. If the image comes from a particular chapter, I would like the chapter number.

  • For a single classwork grade, pick one of the two chapters that have questions and answer them. You may do this for both and get a grade for both. If the grade hurts your average, I will not count it against you.

  • For a single test grade - create a poster for this book that might would interest another student to want to read it. If it is really good, I will hang it up for years to come to try to interest others into reading this book and will give you DOUBLE grade.

By my count that is a total of a possible 11 classwork grades, 2 quiz grades, and 3 test grades.

When is all this due? By the end of the year. Preferably by the end of the third nine weeks.




Here is the dog/character handout we got in class (click):

You can use this chart to keep up with the characters.

Some key facts to keep up with:

Chapter 1 - Into the Primitive
Read it here
Owner: Judge Miller
Here are some questions asked during one ouf our earlier readings in this chapter (all questions will be found in order):
    1. Who stole Buck?
    2. What do you think "Frisco" means?
    3. What thing does the man use to train/break Buck?
    4. Buck doesn't respect the man, but fears the ____.
    5. The guy who talks funny and buys Buck. What is his name?
    6. Tell something about Curly and Dave.
    7. What is The Narwhal?

Chapter 2 - The Law of Club and Fang
Read it here
Owner: François and Perrault

Chapter 3 - The Dominant Primordial Beast
Read it here
Owner: François and Perrault
This chapter has two themes. The first is how Buck is changing (a dynamic character). He is adapting to his new life and you get the idea that he will never be able to go back to the old lifestyle, even if he could. The other is that Buck and Spitz will have it out. As the chapter progresses, Buck and Spitz fight more and more and it keeps saying that they will have to fight to the finish. François and Perrault are talking together (not that you can understand their dialect) and each makes one of these two predictions:

Spitz will kill Buck
Buck will kill Spitz

We can assume from the way it is written that it will indeed come down to one of these two.
Here are the questions that we answered in class:
Starting on page 47 in our book or where it says, “Seven days from the time…”

1. What has destroyed the team’s solidarity (their oneness)?

2. What did the dogs start chasing?

3. Which dog kills it?

4. Which is the more experienced and better fighter?

5. What are the other dogs waiting to do once there is a loser?

6. Who wins?

7. Whatever version you are reading, write an MLA for it. You may use your MLA Bliss sheet as a reference.

Chapter 4 - Who Has Won to Mastership
Read it here

Chapter 5 - The Toil of Trace and Trail
Read it here

Chapter 6 - For the Love of a Man
Read it here

Chapter 7 - The Sounding of the Call
Read it here


Jack London

Fast Fact - When Jack London wrote this novel, he was strapped for cash. The publisher offered him $200 for all the rights and he took it. The book became one of his most famous books and he never got another penny for it.

Call of the Wild Lego Style

Call of the Wild in anime (click the picture for more info)



The Iditarod:


Every even year, they take the northern loop and every odd year they take the southern loop.

Iditarod Map - in PDF format

Iditarod Home Page

Current Standings (2014)

2014 Musher Listings

Each period will pick a musher. The period who has a musher come in before the others will get a free day while the other two periods have a day of grammar.

Current Conditions on the Trail - Northern Loop (Even Years)

Current Conditions on the Trail - Southern Loop (Odd Years)