To Kill a Mockingbird


Author: Harper Lee
Setting: 1930s - Maycomb, Alabama


  • Scout Finch - narrator, 6-7 year old girl, full name is Jean Louise Finch
  • Jem Finch - Scout's older brother by four years
  • Atticus Finch - Scout and Jem's father, a lawyer, a fair and just man
  • Calpurnia - The cook/nanny for the Finch house
  • Dill - Lives next door every summer and plays with Scout and Jem, it is his idea to bring out Boo Radley
  • Boo Radley - Crazy? Stabs his father when he is 33 years old, never comes out, lots of rumors about him, real name is Arthur Radley (only the kids call him Boo)
  • Mr. Radley - a tough man, condemns others to hell for not taking God as seriously as he does, somehow keeps his son Arthur (Boo) in the house at all times

O.K, I've been a bit slow creating this web page, so it is about to pay off in your favor. Below is the test review. Know this and you will make at the least a B on the test.

Real name is Jean Louise, the narrator of the book, Wants to beat up Walter Cunningham, found two sticks of gum in the tree
real name is Jeremy, Scout's brother, says you don't learn anything untilt he 6th grade, dared to touch the Radley house
Scout's father, can play the Jew's harp, is a lawyer, nicknamed One Shot Finch
Scout's cook, is a black woman
real name is Charles, lives next to Scout in the summer, lies a lot
Ms. Caroline
Scout's teacher
Mr. Avery
Can pee 10 feet
Ms. Maudi Atkinson
lets the kids play in her backyard, is going to hell with her flowers, her house burns down
Burris Ewell
has cooties, stays in 1st grade for one day
Tom Robinson
a black man, is being defended by Atticus
real name is Arthur, puts stuff in the tree, gave Scout a blanket, stabbed his dad with scissors
Mr. Radley
a man who dies in the book, cements up the tree hole
Mrs. Radley
a woman who dies int he book, only seen watering her flowers
Stephanie Crawford
neighborhood gossip, allows Maudi to stay with her after the fire

You should also know these things found in the tree:

  1. two sticks of gum
  2. two pennies
  3. a ball of twine
  4. soap carvings of Scout and Jem
  5. a pack of gum
  6. a spelling bee medal
  7. a pocket watch
  8. a knife

Cement will NOT be a valid answer!

Just for fun, I would remember these things: dialect, situational irony, untrustworthy, 1st person



So your argument is that no book is worth reading unless it has a legos kit to go with it? Well, then read this book! here are a few lego characters from it:

The first picture is Book and Scout and the other picture is Atticus, of course.

Now, I know some of you have legos at home! If you want to make a lego scene from this book and take a picture of it, send it in and I'll add it here. I'll even give you credit for it if you want it!


Chapter Review

Make sure you know these bits of information from each chapter before the test or as you are reading along:

Chapter 1





Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover!

Especially not the one we have for class -- but there are other covers for this book to choose from:

Do any of these covers make you think the book would be better?




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