A QUEST is set before you! Do you rise to the challenge? Do you go for the glory? Are you ready to risk your life in the ultimate adventure?

No? How about, do you want a good grade? Yes? Fantastic! Then this project is right up your alley! Join Max Phoenix as he searches for answers to some really odd questions. You will find sources about you topic. What you will turn in is a paper that has your name, your question, the answer to your question, and six sources that you used to find out information about your question. These sources will be written out in MLA format.

The Grey Man will use his powers against you - but never fear! You have MLA Bliss!

You may use your MLA Bliss sheet for help and you may use others for help researching and with your MLA, but you must be the one who does the actual work.

The points for the paper are as follows:

  • 40 points for your answer (and following directions - make sure you proofread!)
  • 60 points for your MLA (10 points each).

Your six sources should be broken up like this:

• ONE source MUST be a book
• ONE source MUST be a web page
• The other four sources can be from anywhere (web pages, magazines, books, other people)

We will have days in class where we will edit our papers. Having your paper on those days will be an easy 100.


Some links you'll be interested in:


Beware! Lady Ninja will use your computer against you! Follow these guidelines to avoid her deadly traps!

It is sometimes hard to indent the second line of a source. When you try to indent your second line, it often indents all the lines of that source. To get around this, you can do one of two things:

  1. Look at the top of your document and you should see a ruler. Move the margin tabs over to the proper indent line. Then move the top margin tab back to the original spot. Now all first lines are not indented, but the second, thrid, fourth, etc. are indented.
  2. Type you source and let it text wrap as normal. When you are finished, move the cursor to the second line and hit ENTER once. Nothing will appear to have happened. Then hit SPACE about five times and it should move the line automatically. If you have a third line, do the same. Sometimes just by hitting ENTER, it will automatically indent it to match the second line.



Here are the questions that you picked in class:

  • Where did the practice of carving Jack-o-Lanterns come from?
  • How did Coca Cola influence Santa Claus?
  • What is Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer’s connection to department stores?
  • Did Mohawks wear Mohawks?
  • How do astronauts take care of body wastes?
  • Why is Coca Cola have the word “classic” as a part of its name?
  • What makes a rattlesnake’s tail rattle?
  • What is the origin of the name of the soft drink, Dr. Pepper?
  • Who was the model for the Statue of Liberty?
  • Why do camels have humps?
  • Why do audiences yell “boo” when they don’t like a performance?
  • Why is an Adam’s apple called an Adam’s apple?
  • Why aren’t there any “Grade B” eggs?
  • Did Pokemon cause massive seizures in Japan?
  • Why do we say “God bless you” when someone sneezes?
  • What is the difference between a fairy, a pixie, and a sprite?
  • How can you get a wish from a banshee?
  • Why do churches have steeples?
  • Can flying snakes really fly?
  • Are skunks grossed out by their own smell?
  • Can people actually spontaneously combust?


Think You Are Ready to Submit Your Paper? Think Again!

Before you do, look for these common mistakes:

  1. There should be at least one source that is a book.
  2. There should be at least one source that is a web page.
  3. Every MLA should end in a period.
  4. Book titles and web site titles should be either underlined or italicized - but not both.
  5. For web page titles, the period goes INSIDE the quotation marks.
  6. Web page MLAs should have TWO dates. If there is no date on the web page, then N.d. goes where the date updated would go.
  7. Sources should be in alphabetical order, not numbered or bulleted.
  8. All MLAs should be reverse indented.There should be at least one source that is a book.



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